Once you have a better understanding of self, this awareness will enhance all of your relationships...both personal and business. Some key components to cultivating relationships that we facilitate are:


  • Intentionally building heart connections

  • Compassionate communication

  • Forgiveness and its role in healthy relationships

  • Growing connections that thrive your personal and professional life

  • Creating authentic power


Cultivating authentic power requires relationships of substance and depth. We believe spiritual partnerships are the key to opening this power. A spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.


In order to make healthy connections with others, it’s important to first have a good understanding of our connection with self. One of the tools we use to build this foundation is a temperament analysis model called the Arno Profile System (APS). APS is a spiritually-based therapeutic method to determine each individual’s inborn temperament. This helps us to understand our needs and how to make intentional connections with others. After completing your own APS questionnaire, your results are analyzed and measured scientifically, on a personal level, for understanding and reflection.


We combine the temperament information with our unique knowledge of emotional intelligence and intentional practices, including the power of gratitude.



Our belief is that spirituality is the foundation for building a life rich with all that we desire. Across all cultures and nationalities, the consistent key desire for all people is health and happiness. Through our faith-based coaching, we'll facilitate creating a shift in your approach to these two key desires. We call this intentional living.