Our Consultants


Kathleen Henshue

Kathleen has had a long career of 20 plus years working in family-owned businesses and has a deep understanding of how to maneuver through the intricacies and dynamics of family business relationships. She believes one of the most important things to do when working with family is to develop a spiritual partnership with each other and work in harmony for the good of all. She’s passionate about coaching others to take this unique perspective to heart and bring the art of compassionate communication skills into their business relationships.

Approachable, easy to talk to, and an excellent listener, Kathleen has been sought out by family, business partners, and employees for mentoring numerous times during her career.

Over the past two years, she’s been a teacher, facilitator, meditation coach and mentor for individuals seeking to attain personal and spiritual growth. She has most recently developed a great interest in temperament analysis as a way for individuals to come to a place of self-understanding and thereby move forward on their journey with the ability to make heart-felt connections in both personal and business relationships. She is SACC certified in the Arno Profile System for temperament analysis.

Kathleen’s dream is to assist others in building bridges between themselves and other people and groups to relate to and rely on each other and help them discover a purpose beyond everyday existence.

The joy of her life is being the mother of two amazing children … mother-in-law to equally amazing daughter-in-law and son-in-law … and grandmother to four unique and exceptionally wonderful grandchildren.


Tracy Traeder

Tracy is a happiness and wellness coach, an energy manager, intuitive developer, meditation facilitator, compassion promoter, blogger, a wife and a mother of three amazing kids. For as far back as she can remember, she’s felt a call to motivate and cheer people on to live a bigger, richer, more whole-hearted happier and healthier lives. 


However, Tracy didn’t always do this, she considers this to be her second career. She started out working in the corporate world as a certified public accountant at a public accounting firm for 13 years. Although she enjoyed many aspects of her career, she knew that it wasn’t her passion, her calling in life. Tracy navigated her career toward working with the people side of business and became heavily involved with recruiting and training, and became a consultant for a personality and skills assessment tool.


When September 11th happened, Tracy decided it was time to shift gears. She stepped out of public accounting and began following her passion to share with people and businesses how to lead a more happy and healthy life. For the past 6 years she’s been consulting with individuals and businesses and offering a variety of personal growth and development workshops. She is SACC certified in the Arno Profile System for temperament analysis. 


Tracy believes that the connection between our mind, body and spirit is the key to achieving overall success in all areas of our life. Understanding our minds, our inner world, how our temperament, thought patterns, belief systems, and negativity bias impact our lives. Connecting to our bodies and taking care of and nurturing it through exercise, nutrition, self-compassion and self-awareness. Connecting with and growing our spirituality and faith.


Tracy’s approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science to create synergy of the mind, body and spirit. Synergizing her experience in the corporate world with that of the temperament analysis, energy management, mindfulness, spiritual concepts and hard-core science based evidence. Her hope is to inspire you, invoke thought, create a shift, find a new perspective and ultimately navigate life with more health, happiness and ease. 

You can tap into Tracy’s weekly blog posts at www.bravingthehotmess.com and check out some of her other offerings at www.tracytraeder.com.